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At age 18, Kate Badgett was your typical young runner. She clocked about 20 miles a week, usually on the road, and took spin classes and did basic core work to cross-train. However, like other dedicated athletes, she soon experienced a femoral stress fracture, a hairline fracture of the thigh bone. This type of injury [...] Read more
Fitness is an essential component of a healthy and fulfilling life. However, not all fitness habits are created equal. Some practices that are touted as healthy may be doing more harm than good. Whether it's due to misinformation or lack of awareness, these habits can negatively affect your physical health and well-being. In this article [...] Read more
Can’t Do a Box Jump? Here’s What Your Body’s Trying to Tell You Box jumps appear to be pretty straight forward — just jump up and land gracefully on top of the box. However, if you can't do one, you've realized this activity isn't quite as easy as it might look. Box jumps are a [...] Read more
Strength training is usually associated with building muscle, but if you are doing any sort of long distance running or cycling, you also need to build c onnective tissue strength. Your tendons and ligaments, in particular, are responsible for putting force through your muscles. This movement of force creates an elastic recoil effect known as [...] Read more
“I know you all want to be great. You want to make progress, fast. But always aiming for big gains is a mistake. They’re not going to happen very often. Instead, aim to get one percent better — every single day.” When working toward any goal, we rarely make big leaps overnight. Instead, we should [...] Read more
A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Scranton found that 23% of people quit their new year’s resolution after just one week. Only 19% of individuals are actually able to stick to their goals for the long term (at least two years, in this study). We want to help you avoid becoming [...] Read more
Those with food anxiety worry about the consequences of eating or the impact different types of food will have on their bodies. Their concerns may involve excess calories, being judged, or gaining weight. Some people with food anxiety may be afraid of the texture, allergic reactions, or choking. Sometimes, this anxiety can lead to restriction [...] Read more
Most casual exercisers don’t need lots of extra food to fuel their workouts. But if you’re experiencing certain symptoms, it might be time to add more snacks to your eating plan. Unless you’re an elite athlete, there’s no need to be hypervigilant about how you fuel your workouts. But even casual exercise burns more calories [...] Read more
Do recovery runs actually help you recover? How often should you be doing them? Here’s your guide to recovery runs and why they’re important. Going out for a second run of the day may hardly sound like recovery. What is a recovery run, anyways, and what’s the point? How do you distinguish between junk distance [...] Read more

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