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Pick up one endurance sports magazine - there is not one that had at least one article on how to train like a professional {insert sport} athlete. This is likely for good reason - who wouldn't want to run like Sara Hall, ride like Wout Van Aert, swim like Katie Ledecky or do all three [...] Read more
Treat your mask like your underwear: Wash it well and often, and replace it when it shows signs of wear. Like any piece of safety equipment, it's important to check your face mask regularly to make sure it's still doing its job to protect you. After all, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for [...] Read more
The benefits from fitness and sports have been so much more than just physical. Through fitness and sports one can learn to be more courageous, gain confidence to do hard things, and find more meaning and purpose in life than one ever dreamed was possible. Parents and teachers intuitively know how sport-related activities can help [...] Read more
Don’t confuse strength training with weightlifting. These activities are driven by competition, with participants vying to lift heavier weights or build bigger muscles than those of other athletes. This can put too much strain on young muscles, tendons and areas of cartilage that haven’t yet turned to bone (growth plates) — especially when proper technique [...] Read more
Are you caffeinating your workouts? What exactly is caffeine? How does it work in the body? How does it affect training? And are there any side effects? Early morning, the alarm clock rings. You sleepily rub the sand from your eyes and start mentally preparing for your workout. But before you do anything…a cup of [...] Read more
Picking the right plan is less about finding “the one approach that works” and more about finding “the right approach for you.” It’s a lot easier to accomplish if you avoid all of the garbage information that will lead you farther from your goals. Health can feel like an overwhelming checklist of foods to eat, [...] Read more
Strength is a complicated topic. It's not something that can be easily explained in one sentence but it's also important to know what it means and how to get stronger. What is strength The definition of strength can vary depending on the person.  It refers to the force or power that enables someone or something [...] Read more
When you discover that you can’t do something, rather than feeling resigned that you’ll never be able to do it, try the reframe “I can’t do it… yet.” You can do this with any of your fitness or non-fitness-related goals. For example: I can’t do double unders... yet. I can’t do a handstand… yet. I [...] Read more
You will not lose fitness if you take a rest day, or two, a week. You will not forget how to swim, bike, or run. You won’t even DNS or DNF. In fact, the opposite is true — if you allow your body to periodically take rest days, and have recovery weeks built into your [...] Read more
Stress fractures are tiny cracks in a bone, like in the foot or even in the leg, caused by repeated strain in that area. They tend to occur more commonly in the weight-bearing bones of the foot or lower leg, and typically affects those with a lower bone mineral density. What is bone mineral density, [...] Read more

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