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It’s a common misconception that eating healthy food breaks the bank. And that’s just not the case—research even shows! One of the studies done by the US Department of Agriculture found that healthy foods with low calories, such as fresh fruits and vegetables like berries and carrots, had a cheaper price per ounce than processed [...] Read more
Kickboxing has been growing in popularity, and for good reason—it is an excellent form of all-around exercise, proving both strength and cardiovascular benefits. With the ability to punch and kick bags, pads, and other gear, it is no wonder that many people find kickboxing an effective stress buster as well. The mental health benefits of [...] Read more
There's a BIG difference between Abs training and Core training. During traditional ab training, your spine is usually *creating* motion in some shape or form. An example of an abs training is the crunches. Whereas with core training, the goal is to *resist* motion and keep the spine still, for example the plank. Abs training [...] Read more
It’s easy to commit to anything. It’s something few people are willing to admit. Because it’s not the commitment that matters. You can commit to a workout program or a diet, and begin with the best intentions. But, what do you owe those plans? Absolutely nothing. If you let down the plan, it’s frustrating. But, [...] Read more
Morning workouts should give you more energy later in the day. If not, these are probably the reasons why... This should not be the goal of your workout Have you ever worked out in the morning and felt like you had less energy later in the day? Exercise is supposed to increase your energy, so [...] Read more
Body checking is the act of examining your body through various practices including in the mirror, by weighing yourself, touching your body parts, or pinching yourself. While nothing is inherently negative about checking your body once in a while, when it affects how you feel about yourself or becomes impulsive, it can lead to psychological [...] Read more
If you’ve ever exercised at high intensity, you’ll be familiar with that sensation of muscles full of the muscle by-product “lactic acid”. It feels uncomfortable, and maybe like you can’t keep moving, but the cause – lactic acid – is actually your ally, helping you move faster and lift heavier in the future! When it [...] Read more
While most gyms and studios closed their doors at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many fitness spaces have since reopened—though some may look a little different in terms of occupancy, procedures, and offerings. For instance, in many locations, the packed, shoulder-to-shoulder indoor fitness classes have been paused, and some businesses are offering outdoor fitness [...] Read more
Ever find you feel more knackered when resting than you do after a tough work out? Here’s the reason why… Logic would dictate that you should feel more tired on the days you get up early and bash out an exhausting workout. Yet, so many of us know that exercise can make us feel like [...] Read more
Keep in mind that there is no 'one size fits all' approach in regard to training methodology, as there are a myriad of factors that come into play. The focus of this post is the concept of low intensity training and more specifically, a general overview of how going “low and slow” has shown to [...] Read more

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