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Most casual exercisers don’t need lots of extra food to fuel their workouts. But if you’re experiencing certain symptoms, it might be time to add more snacks to your eating plan. Unless you’re an elite athlete, there’s no need to be hypervigilant about how you fuel your workouts. But even casual exercise burns more calories [...] Read more
Do recovery runs actually help you recover? How often should you be doing them? Here’s your guide to recovery runs and why they’re important. Going out for a second run of the day may hardly sound like recovery. What is a recovery run, anyways, and what’s the point? How do you distinguish between junk distance [...] Read more
Avoiding or burying your emotions can mess with your health. See, many experts believe emotions become stored in your body, and unless you do the necessary work to release them, they can accumulate and ultimately sabotage your well-being. And each emotion has a specific purpose—even those that make us feel uncomfortable. In fact, according to [...] Read more
For some runners, getting in one run per day is a feat in and of itself. And, let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: running or exercising one time per day most days in the week is fantastic and should by no means be considered inadequate. However, some runners have more time, energy, [...] Read more
It seems like an easy choice: If you want to perform well, grab some sport food to fuel your training. Sport foods are bars, drinks, meals and gels specifically designed and packaged to provide energy and nutrients to a working body. Unfortunately, there are many foods on the market that simply pretend through advertising and [...] Read more
Focusing on calories consumed/burned as the only metric to determine whether you've been "successful" in a given day is a recipe for sucking all the joy out of exercise and nutrition. Health and fitness is so much more than "calories in/calories out" but the diet industry wants you to keep buying their "low calorie" snacks, [...] Read more
When it comes to exercising after recovering from COVID-19, be patient, doctors say. Rushing the process could put your health in jeopardy. Getting back to your exercise routine after an injury or illness can require a certain amount of restraint to safely achieve optimal results. If you jump right back into your workouts at full [...] Read more
It’s a common misconception that eating healthy food breaks the bank. And that’s just not the case—research even shows! One of the studies done by the US Department of Agriculture found that healthy foods with low calories, such as fresh fruits and vegetables like berries and carrots, had a cheaper price per ounce than processed [...] Read more
Kickboxing has been growing in popularity, and for good reason—it is an excellent form of all-around exercise, proving both strength and cardiovascular benefits. With the ability to punch and kick bags, pads, and other gear, it is no wonder that many people find kickboxing an effective stress buster as well. The mental health benefits of [...] Read more

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