Personal Coaching

Whether you are looking for an individualised training program for yourself or need a personal coach to keep you accountable for achieving your fitness goals, the Warrior Personal Coaching programme may just be for you. Train in-person with our Warrior Coach, or now remotely with via Zoom if you are not in Penang or Kota Kinabalu.

What is Personal Coaching and who is this for?

Personal Coaching is a one-on-one Warrior fitness training program that is individualised to your needs or goals. This could also be

  • When training times on our schedule do not suit you.
  • When our training locations do not suit you.
  • When you prefer a targetted program to improve your sports performance, nutrition skills or when combined with injury rehabilitation.

The benefits of Warrior Personal Coaching are:

  • Suits your schedule.
  • Suits your location.
  • Individualised program to suit your goals/needs.
  • Better for the coach to monitor your progress via the Warrior Achieve System.
  • The possibility of mixing and matching your training program with different coaches for different disciplines and added variety.

What is the fee?     

For one-on-one PC, the fee is RM180 per one-hour session or RM1600 for 10 sessions. This rate is for both via Zoom and face-to-face sessions within George Town and Tanjung Bungah/Tokong areas. For any other region, the fee may be higher.
For a small group (2 or more persons), the fee may be negotiated accordingly.

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