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Don’t be the next victim, learn how to better protect yourself and your family!
Unfortunately, the prevailing wisdom is that you need years of experience or a background in martial arts to defend yourself. However, this is not true. With the proper guidance and training, everyone can learn to protect themselves.
Designed for persons of all ages, genders and sizes, the Warrior Self defence system is tailored for real life and coached by experienced security professionals. Learn how to improve your safety, security and survivability in any untoward situations.


Conor Mc Manus’s foundations in health and fitness started in the early 1990s with the role of a fitness instructor with the Irish Military Special Operations where he plans and leads tactical fitness programs for Tier 1 soldiers. His time in the military has given him real-life experiences of high-performance teamwork, operational leadership, and how to overcome real-life challenges.
He co-founded Warrior Fitness in 2010, to deliver quality community-based health and fitness training that is fun, supportive, inclusive, sometimes challenging but with ‘Real Training- Real Results’.

Joshua Khiew has over ten years of competitive martial arts and even more years as a student of this multi-disciplined training. Years of experience participating in competitions have also contributed as a boxing, kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts coach since 2014, with the know-how of not only starting a student off in these forms of training but also how to work towards training for a competition in the future.
He is currently coaching Kickboxing at the Warrior Base Camp and the weekly outdoor fitness sessions.

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