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Whether the recent holidays or post-Covid lockdown had kept us from our consistent workout routine, getting back to fitness is always a challenge for many. Come learn about the many pitfalls of sudden high-intensity training that would cause extreme fatigue or serious injuries. Or maybe you have been told that you need exercise to improve your health but do not know where to begin. Join us for this informative talk by Coach Conor via Zoom.

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CONOR Mc MANUS is a former military tactical fitness trainer, he is also a certified Group Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, Youth Exercise Specialist, & Rehab Trainer. and UESCA Certified Running Coach.

He is also a former member of the Irish Military Special Forces with extensive international experience preparing and leading Elite Warriors for high-risk environments. His background is in VVIP Protection, Counterterrorism, Corporate Security, Tactical Fitness, Close Quarter Combat, Unarmed Combat, Kickboxing, Paramedical, Occupational Health & Safety and Survival Training.

When he’s not coaching he is active in Road running, Ultra running and Spartan Racing. He has completed Ultra trail races such as Vibram 100 (HK), TMBT (Sabah), UTMF (Japan), Spartan Elite. Conor has helped many in Warrior Fitness to achieve their health and fitness goals through his vast knowledge and experience in nutrition and fitness.


Fueling your body correctly at the right times is critical to performing at your peak. Good nutrition can also reduce the risk of injury, illness and improve your overall health and improve recovery
Topics for this talk will include :
•    awareness of how to fuel your athletic performance
•    Unravel the confusion caused by the plethora of hyped diets
•    Better understand your body and how to fuel it based on your body type and goals
•    help you make better food choices

A goodnight’s rest is important for our well-being but for many of us, we think we can do with less. Join us for our Free Talk to learn how sufficient sleep can improve our health, brain functions and even weight management.

Everyone can reap the benefits of exercise. Do come to join us for our free talk to discover how to start your journey to being fitter and healthier.. Learn to

  • overcome the fears of exercising at any age
  • how to start on, get back to or maintain a sustainable workout regime
  • get some tips on how to work around health, injury or mobility issues
  • find out about the right type of exercise, their intensity and frequency


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