Build Your Social Fitness

“Social fitness” involves building and maintaining healthy connections with others. It plays an important role in supporting optimal performance and resilience. A Warrior who is socially fit grows trusted and valued relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

When we collectively practise healthy social connections and behaviours humans thrive. 

Social activities like Warrior training helps you build fitness, relieve stress and build real connections with others and reduce loneliness. Warrior offers many opportunities to get involved in fitness training, events and activities like races, hikes, social nights etc.

Social Fitness Tips

Aim to always spend some of your time around others in social settings 

Know your personal strengths and which traits strengthen the character of those around you.

Use those strengths to work well with others in a give and take manner, ” aim not to be focused on what’s in it for me first”  

A team focused mindset can create great working relationships and strong trusting friendships.

Respond to others with constructive feedback. Criticism alone doesn’t always help.

When we give advice or praise to others this can strengthen their and your ability to succeed.

Look out for your friends, listen and observe. If you notice anyone isolating him or herself, try to reach out to them and work to make them feel part of the group.

Be reminded together everyone achieves more 

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