You know the feeling – too busy with work commitments, dropping the kids off at school, etc. 

We all know how to get fit and healthy but living a healthier live can be challenging. Here I lay out some simple tips to help you move more and eat healthier.

1. Ask the question

First, ask yourself why do you want to get fitter and healthier. This is the fuel to your fire. I can think of many reasons like improve your health, look and feel better, be fit enough to play with your kids / grandkids, finish a race, fit back into those trousers, be there for your kids when you’re older, improve mood, reduce stress, have more energy or just feel and look good generally.

This is your motivating fuel, it will also give you clarity on why you need to prioritize your time.

2. Prioritize

Make a list of what you value most and where you want to invest your time, for example:

? Family

? Health

? Earning a living

? Getting enough sleep

? Reducing stress level

Secondly, for example

? Excelling at work

? Hobbies

? Achieving a new Personal Best

? Winning races

Low value activities, for example

? Social Media

? Going out drinking

? Video games

? Watching TV

3. Keep a record of your activities and analyse them the end of the day

Keep a record of how you spend your actual time in a day. Ask yourself if this record of your time reflects your true priorities.


4. Replace low value activities with high value ones

For example, replace 15 minutes of TV with 15 minutes of walking or 15 minutes of healthy meal preparation.


5. Create systems to help make health and fitness easier

? Do your fitness training in the morning rather than in the evening so that your day does not get in the way. Leave your training clothes out at night to wear first thing in the morning.

? If you get too lazy to start moving, think of the end result, for example how good / satisfied you will feel at the end of the workout and how your day will begin with a positive start.

? Clean out your kitchen of processed foods. Out of sight, out of mind. Keep only healthy snacks in sight.

? Keep a bag with fitness gear packed in your car.

? Do fitness activities with friends. The group support will keep you motivated and accountable.


? Join quality coached group training. The environment and professional advice will help keep you more motivated and you can maximize your training time

? Have skipping rope or resistance bands at home or packed when travelling to make fitness easier.

? Park your car at the far end of your workplace carpark so that you can get a mini workout be walking further to your office

? Put reminders in your calendar to remind you to train or purchase healthier foods. Do not go grocery shopping on empty stomach.

? Encourage your work team to get into fitness, it also gives you an excuse to do so also by leading by example.

? Make time to go to the park and play with your kids. You may also plan your holiday to incorporate some outdoor activities like swimming, snorkelling or hiking.

? State on social media that you plan to get fitter. The social statement may help keep you on track.

6. Review your progress every week

As you review your progress, do not be too hard on yourself. Don’t be a perfectionist; small incremental improvements are better than no improvements, your goal is to build healthier habits. Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begin with one small step.


Commit, Focus, Believe & Achieve




by Conor Mc Manus

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