Teamwork requires a little give and take. We put forth the effort and reap the rewards. We have to see beyond our individual preferences and desires. When we choose a position we need to think of the effects it has on the rest of the team. Our ability to consider the big picture and the interest of the team contribute to its unity and progression.

Though each person may prefer individualism, the likes of one person or segment should not overshadow the whole. When we decide to join a team we give up some individuality and autonomy; we now have to think in terms all, us, and we. Success comes only when we all succeed. Failure and disgrace comes even if one member fails. Everyone wears the label and assumes the blame whether they are guilty or not.

Being part of a group yet at the same time seeing ourselves separate is counterproductive. We can’t be in and out at the same time. We may not like everyone or everything about the team we belong to, nevertheless, we have to show our commitment to make it work. Bottom line, we have to be “All In” or the team will fail.

Accepting ownership and responsibility as a team member regardless of team’s conditions (good or bad) indicates loyalty. It is important to earn the trust and confidence of teammates. This creates a healthy environment where people’s voices are heard and considered, things get done, and the whole team flourishes. We can’t call ourselves a member of any team or organization and not see it necessary to contribute to its advancement. Each individual is central to the team achieving its goals. Though at times we do not always pick the team we are assigned to nonetheless we need to come with the attitude to make it better. If we exempt ourselves the team will fall short of its full potential. When we do our part the team prospers and everyone benefits.

If we are frustrated or disappointed with the direction the team is going maybe we need to start looking at ourselves; maybe we need to “get in the game” and start influencing change. The questions we need to ask ourselves are “am I contributing enough or am I doing my best”. If we are looking for something better maybe we need to spend more time being part of the solution rather than criticizing how bad things are.

Teamwork requires an “All In” approach which means everyone, not just the few who always raise their hands.

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