Exercise is good for you but sometimes in our quest to improve we think the more the better and consequently do not allow our bodies enough rest and recuperation. The outcome is that by over-training we actually do more harm than good and weaken our chances of achieving our goals.

Signs of over-training to look out for: 

  • Feel excitable, moody, and irritable or lack concentration
  • Heart rate is raised at rest and during exercise
  • Suffer insomnia or feel restless during sleep
  • Experience muscle aches or joint pain or chronic injuries
  • Your performance drops during workouts. Prone to injuries
  • Feel excessively fatigued and demotivated
  • Falling ill more often
  • Loss of appetite
  • Disturbed menstrual cycle for women

 So how to prevent and treat: 

  • Listen to your body, train as you feel. If you feel tired or unmotivated, have an easy session or take a rest day
  • Rest days are critical. Factor them into your training plan
  • Don’t train each day at a high intensity level, do low intensity exercises at times

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