When I started OT, March 4th, I was out of shape, “fluffy” around the middle, with about 7 extra kilos in the body bag! At age 57 I have spent the past 7 years on a low-impact exercise plan, swimming and walking mostly. This was to repair a long standing spinal injury from 7 years ago. Now that it is more stable, and knowing very well how safety-conscious the Warriors Coach team is, I was confident joining the Boot Camp OT program. I felt it was time to do something; to reverse what I saw as a negative downwards spiralling trend in my physical fitness and appearance. Middle age anxiety perhaps!

Nonetheless,  I started on the OT journey with about 12 others on March 4th. At kickoff, we were measured in all aspects of our physical being; height, weight, body mass index, blood test, fitness levels, etc. Then we all started our exercise program; the first week Boot Camp Monday, Weds. and Friday mornings (8.30- 9.30) was gruelling for me. I couldn’t even run the 400 meters round the park without being exhausted. But at the end of the first week, I found it was quite fun and exhilarating to finish the hour still “alive”! The exercises are always varied, but the camaraderie and personal support of the group is what keeps us all going!

At home, there were many changes to my diet and lifestyle too. The first two weeks we were not to go out to eat! That was a big change! No sugar, no alcohol, carbs once a day, low fat, healthy fats only, veggies, proteins, etc. I launched myself with gusto into better cooking plans, better shopping, being more mindful. I got into cooking again! (which I love, by the way!) We were led through a great shopping exploration class to teach us how to read labels and make healthy purchases. Then one Sat, we had a great cooking class with some really super tasting new healthy recipes presented.

It was wonderful to see how just giving up a daily glass of wine and eating more veggies made me feel better! Plus, drinking lots of water and green tea. I didn’t miss the coffee either!  Suddenly, I had more energy. I used to need a daily nap after lunch, but now I didn’t need it! I was more productive and alert. By Week 2, I had lost 1 kg. Clothes were a bit looser. My skin started looking brighter, I felt less overwhelmed by the exercise routine at Boot Camp mornings. By Week 4, I had only had one half glass of wine and a half piece of birthday cake, the whole time since i started and I was quite pleased to see I had lost almost 2 kgs! I feel stronger every day. Now, it is quite easy even to go out to a club or bar at night with friends and order a sugar-free soda water or smoothie with juices and fruits only, and also to order the right kind of dinner. It must be becoming second nature now. As I am travelling April 10th for 6 weeks, having to interrupt my OT program in the middle, I am committed to keeping this good program going the rest of the 6 weeks and to lose another few kilos, and to tighten and tone up as much as I can. I also intend to make BootCamp workouts M-W-F a permanent part of my life, to ensure I keep moving in this positive direction!!

Thanks to all in the great Warrior Team for their excellent support, encouragement and care!

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