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WBC has just completed its first Nutrition and Weight Management programme, OPERATION WARRIOR TRANSFORMATION, over the period 13 April to 8 June.

Operation Warrior Transformation (Op WT) is an 8 week programme focusing on healthy diet, nutrition, exercise and attitude. It is a group programme designed to help people;

  • Lose weight or gain weight, if necessary,
  • Gain knowledge on diet, nutrition, and exercise,
  • Learn mental skills to change thoughts and behaviour,
  • Receive support from the group setting,
  • Identify unhealthful habits in their lifestyles, adapt or eliminate these and replace them with more healthful habits,
  • Improve mental health through an increase in self-efficacy and self esteem,
  • Learn about the effects their current lifestyle has upon their bodies and their wellbeing,
  • Compare their results from after the programme with the beginning of the programme, and
  • Encourage membership & participation at Warrior Bootcamp.

The programme is not just for those who want or need to lose weight. It is also for those who are significantly underweight and need to gain extra ‘healthy’ weight, and for those who want to improve their physical performance by being lighter and leaner, which reduces the chance of injuries and can assist with speed. The programme is also for those who want to learn more about good nutrition and review their current eating habits.

44 participants started the programme, with 40 finishing the entire 8 weeks. From the 40 who completed the programme, a total of 144.1kg was lost, with weight being gained by those who participated with the goal of gaining weight. In addition to this massive weight loss, from those who completed the final measurements, a total of 549.5cm was lost from their circumferences – this is a massive total of 5 metres of body fat!

The participants of the programme were a fantastic group and really assisted and supported each other throughout the programme. This group support made the programme successful, and the attitude displayed by the participants was inspiring and motivating – everyone wanted to succeed, and they (mostly) did! Some were new to both Warrior and exercise, and others were members of the Warrior family already. The diversity of the group added to the success.

As the Lead Coach on the programme, I found the results of the participants incredible, but despite the fantastic physical results, it is the changes I noticed in peoples mental health that I enjoyed the most. The move towards physical health and fitness has a significant and noticeable effect on peoples attitudes and mood, and, as a psychologist, it is incredibly inspiring for me to see people bloom both physically and mentally. The changes I noticed  in people included more energy, greater self-esteem, a higher self-efficacy and belief that their goals can be achieved, more positive moods, and of course, a massive reduction in body size.

Another Operation Warrior Transformation will run in September/ October (dates to be confirmed), so if you want to experience the same positive results as those above, watch this space!

Thanks to all those who participated in the programme – you made the programme successful! May you continue with your healthy habits throughout life.


By Mariane Wray, WBC Coach

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