It’s easy to commit to anything. It’s something few people are willing to admit. Because it’s not the commitment that matters.

You can commit to a workout program or a diet, and begin with the best intentions.

But, what do you owe those plans? Absolutely nothing.

If you let down the plan, it’s frustrating. But, it doesn’t hurt.

Commitment alone has limited value.

That’s why many committed people don’t succeed.

If you want to change, you need to attach your commitment to your soul. Or, at least it should feel that way.

It has to be deeply personal. It needs to operate at a different level.

Effective commitments are a paradox. They are an uncomfortable mix of fear, excitement, optimism, pessimism, and insecurity. And to many – DISCOMFORT.

Many people think they can avoid discomfort throughout their life. In some sense, this is wrong. It would be closer to truth to say that, discomfort will occur regardless, but for different reasons and likely at different times no matter what decisions we make (or avoid) in life.

If you’re trying to lose weight, go to the gym or join a workout club (effort) or don’t and continue to not achieve your goal (frustration and regret). Both discomfort.

If you are starting a business, take risk and action (effort) or don’t follow your passion (regret in the future, frustration and sadness). Both discomfort.

If you need to have a tough talk with a friend or partner, have the talk (effort and fear), or avoid it and accept potential relationship breakdown in the future (regret and sadness). Both discomfort.

It is important to remember, that choosing not to do something (avoidance), is still a choice and often by not doing something, we are welcoming discomfort. However, in this case it is usually discomfort in the future (not achieving what you committed to doing). The discomfort of effort (today), or the discomfort of regret (future).

Self-improvement lives within everyone, but it’s usually buried under uncertainty, self-sabotage, or prior failure.

To make commitment work, you need to be willing to risk something valuable (choose your discomfort wisely).

When you are ready to change, connect to more than what you want to change.

Focus on who you want to become, or what you fail to lose if you don’t follow through on your commitment.

Set stakes. Create reminders.

That is where you will find your will to succeed.

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