You may be new to training; you mustn’t overload your body too quickly as you may get injured. To reduce your chance of injury:

  • Please wear proper running shoes. Old shoes should be replaced. If you need any advice, please ask your coach 
  • Please attend the fundamentals session sessions as this will help you learn how to execute the exercises safely and with correct form.
  • Consider doing an FMS (Functional movement screen) it is worth the investment in injury prevention and performance 
  • For beginners, please don’t overload the body too quickly. Unfortunately, in our quest to achieve instant results, we get injured and must stop. Getting fitter is a gradual process. Please remain in the beginner’s group until your body has readjusted to the exercise load.
  • Warm-up correctly
  • Join a quality workout programme
  • Do strength, agility and balance training 
  • Foam rolling 
  • Have a massage
  • Stretch


If you have any injuries or sickness, please inform the Coach before the session.


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