So you want to join Warrior or any training group, but it’s all a bit too intimidating? We get it, we’ve all been there: checked online, found a training you would like to join, Google-d and found the location. But as soon as we arrive, the fear of introducing ourselves can sometimes be enough to stop us from even stepping foot onto the training ground. Not anymore, because we’ve got a few conversation starters to break the ice and get the conversation flowing with your new crew. 


Do you know the distance of this field loop?

The crucial requirement of a training spot; what’s the distance of the field loop. The coach will usually announce the distance if some sort of assessment is going on but if he/she forgot, take the opportunity to break the ice by asking other fellow Warriors as those who train there regularly will usually know the distance. And chances are, they’ll be happy to point it out if you ask.

Can you recommend a good breakfast spot nearby?

If there’s one thing all Warriors love as much as training, it’s eating. So why not bond over a common passion for food, and enjoy a well-earned breakfast together after training?

Anyone care to join me for a run at this <insert time and date>?

The best thing about training in a group is the support you’ll get from other Warriors – especially on days when you’re struggling with motivation, but you know that the run is waiting to be conquered. See for yourself: you’ll be surprised at how many are willing to join in. A Warrior in need is a friend indeed.

Where are you from and how long have you been doing this?

Warriors come from all walks of life. We have members from students to working professionals to business owners to expats coming from different parts of the world. Sometimes we even have visiting tourists joining us for a few sessions of good training. Honestly, we’re not lying when we say we’re like the UN. Being a Warrior does not only expand your network of friends, who knows you will actually gain friends for life.



When NOT to start a conversation…


Speaking from experience, it’s never a good idea to try and make conversation with a Warrior during the 100 burpees challenge. Unless you’ve got a lot of time to wait around for a reply, or until the challenge is completed.



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