Linora Low – Radio announcer, emcee, host & actress.

What are your favourite ways to stay in shape?

One of my favourite ways to stay in shape is by doing circuit workouts. Circuits really get the heart rate up and cause the afterburn effect that will have your body burning calories even when you are resting. You don’t need any equipment for this and you can do it anytime anywhere. Other than that would be interval running for my cardio sessions. For toning, I love doing functional training where I use more than one muscle group and focuses a lot on the core. There are two gym equipment I love: The Vipr and the Half Bosu. Check those out, it’ll add variety to your workouts.

Does healthy eating play a role in keeping your figure?

Eating healthy is a 100 per cent must. It doesn’t matter how hard you work in the gym or the amount of exercise you do. If one doesn’t watch the amount and type of food intake, you won’t see the results you want. I can vouch on low carb diet and I felt a difference in my body within the next few days. Your body needs nutrients to repair whatever that has been broken down during workouts and maintain your overall health. Even when you’re not working out as hard as you usually do, watch your food and you’ll be able to retain a good figure. Always eat healthily and it’ll save you a lot of headache.

What are some of your guilty pleasure foods?

Mochi, Magnum Classic ice cream and a big burger. Doesn’t matter where, as long as it is a big juicy burger.

Do you have fitness advice for women who are busy at work?

Don’t let work be an excuse from getting the healthy body you deserve. I know it’s hard to squeeze in a full-fledge workout. But as long as you’re doing something active, it’s better than just being dormant. That’s the very reason why I love doing circuit workouts. The workouts are intense, fast and enough to make my heart rate pumping and keep my body burning while at rest. You have to make time for your body.

Fitness wise, which celebrity do you look up to?

Jessica Biel, ever since she walked onto the set of Blade Trinity and showed off those amazing guns. I went on a hunt to find out her regime. She’s a real inspiration. Also, Jamie Eason from IFBB Pro. She’s a fitness model, spokesperson for and gives amazing fitness tips. Milla Jovovich is also a new found inspiration. Read up on her bio and you shall see why. 

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