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For many young people, TikTok has become their go-to source of information, much of which they don’t verify because they tend to take what their favourite content creators share as fact or truth. This is also unfortunately true when it comes to recommendations around diet, nutrition and fitness. More often than not, those sharing information [...] Read more
Low-calorie foods are booming: cold cuts, milk, cheese, granola bars, soft drinks, salty snacks — there are “light” versions of all these foods and many more. We turn to “light” products because we want to eat healthy and hope they will help us lose weight. We automatically associate words like “sugar-free,” “low-fat,” or “wellness” with [...] Read more
You may have heard that electrolytes are important, especially if you train hard. But why? These tiny chemical substances are keeping your body’s finely tuned systems together. This includes your muscles and even your brain! Read on to learn the basics. What are electrolytes and why are they important? When you hear talk of “electrolytes”, [...] Read more
The carbohydrate has a well-earned place in post-workout nutrition. It's easy to view sugar as a nutritional villain, but people should think twice before cutting all carbs out of their diets. “We shouldn't make one food or nutrient a scapegoat for all of our health problems,” says Melina Jampolis,MD, author of The Doctor on Demand [...] Read more

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