Each year, elite runners gear up and participate in the challenging 100km ultra trail run. Here is a glimpse into the experience of our fellow Warrior Debbie Chinn in completing  100km trail run in Cameron Highlands. It is a story of hard word, perseverence, teamwork, hold on to your faith and keep going even in moments of doubt. Enjoying the nature around you to quiet those whispers of self-doubt to push yourself to the finish line. Study how these awesome five runners: Debbie, Roger, Eileen, Ben and Kitho did it. Whether you’re novice thinking of signing up for a 5km run or a seasoned runner aspiring to complete 100km race, everyone starts somewhere. Start running – and never quit.

See link: https://deedeeoutdoors.blogspot.my/2017/07/cultra-2017-dont-hang-it-dang-it.html?m=1

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