General fitness training works towards broad goals of overall health and well-being, rather than narrow goals of sport competitions, larger muscles or concerns over appearance.

Unfortunately for quite a few of us who do physical training, we are generally not very fit or healthy.  We may have high cholesterol, and other health related problems, recurring injuries, low cardiovascular fitness, no power, strength, flexibility nor agility.

We all probably know of incidences where a person  died while doing sports.We thought they were very fit ,they looked very fit however they had heart disease  as a consequence of their lifestyle and lack of awareness.  

Possible reasons.

  • We may be  more focused on looking good rather than being healthy for life
  • We aim to complete the one bridge run rather than making fitness a consistent part of our lives .
  • We believe the health side is a given because I train three times a week 
  • We want everything: workout, smoking, alcohol, processed food.  
  • We go for quick fixes rather than long term change. 
  • We bluff ourselves about how fit we really are. For example I do weights hence I can run.
  • We live off legacy (played for the state team  however it  could have been 10 years ago)
  • We don’t get good  professional advice about how to be really fit and healthy
  • Our training environment is reinforcing the believe (group think) that we are healthy and very fit
  • We have never been tested for general fitness
  • The modern work environment does not put  major stress on our general fitness.
  • We have not had a health checkup  for years
  • We believe we will live for ever

At Warrior bootcamp we are focused on only giving the right advise. Our goal is to coach our members to achieve greater levels of general fitness, improve injury prevention and increase sports performance. 

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