Kickboxing has been growing in popularity, and for good reason—it is an excellent form of all-around exercise, proving both strength and cardiovascular benefits. With the ability to punch and kick bags, pads, and other gear, it is no wonder that many people find kickboxing an effective stress buster as well.

The mental health benefits of kickboxing are as following:

Regulates Mood

When the weight of our stress becomes overwhelming, our mind needs to release mental pressure through physical action. This would provide temporary relief and increase the production of endorphins. That’s why punching and kicking a heavy bag feels good. It gives you the opportunity to channel your vent through strikes plus reshape chemical imbalances. Regular training in kickboxing will help relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

Mood improvements, in general, can be seen from participating in physical activity due to endorphin release—chemicals in your brain that play a role in mood regulation and feelings of happiness, euphoria, and excitement.

Busts Stress

Kickboxing is an excellent stress buster, as mentioned above. Research shows that regular exercise such as kickboxing training can build resiliency to stress. Similar to how exercise can regulate your mood, it can help with stress reduction through endorphin production.

The intense level of cardiovascular demand that is necessary for kickboxing has been shown to release these feel-good chemicals, effectively reducing feelings of stress.

Increases Confidence

Kickboxing is a rewarding journey. Beyond fitness, you are contributing to your own personal growth and technical skills. Persevering through a round in kickboxing or stringing combinations will improve your self-esteem. Breaking through obstacles in honor of your commitment to this journey will influence your opinion of yourself.

Research shows that participation in kickboxing is shown to require and improve self-confidence, motivation, dispositional hope and optimism, mental toughness, resiliency, and adaptive perfectionism. Learning the techniques in kickboxing can provide confidence in your ability to defend yourself as well. You may feel more at ease in certain spaces knowing you have the skills to protect yourself if needed. Of course, always practice safety and precautions in any circumstance.

Boosts Motivation and Ability to Complete Tasks

Every kickboxing workout is an opportunity to create meaningful moments. From finishing a challenging round, sudden comprehension of a strike, or recognizing a difference in your output.

Following the routines involved in centering much of your activity around your kickboxing practice can lead to lasting effects in motivation to maintain a healthy active lifestyle.

Improves Memory, Focus and Sharpness

Complex kickboxing combinations require mental effort. To perform, you have to memorize the order then you have to eliminate your surroundings and focus. With focus, you can continue the movements for an entire round. Challenging yourself to continue a pattern for an entire round will improve your overall memory, focus, and sharpness.

Kickboxing techniques require balance and coordination. These types of movements have been shown to improve brain functioning and cognitive functioning. Balance training such as that required to stand on one leg and kick, knee, or spin, leads to memory and spatial awareness improvements.

Kickboxing at Warrior Fitness

Come try our Warrior kickboxing led by Coach Josh who has over 10 years of competitive martial arts and even more years as a student of this multi-disciplined training. Years of experience participating in competitions have also contributed as a boxing, kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts coach since 2014, with the know-how of not only starting a student off in these forms of training but also how to work towards training for a competition in the future.














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