December 2020


Humans of Warrior Fitness • Mimi •

I’ve joined Warrior since mid-2013. Before this, I had joined a few other group trainings but this has been the most consistent training that I am willing to follow. Warrior training makes me feel younger and fitter and improves my endurance (“take the pain, swallow the pain”). At first I didn’t believe we had to train in the rain and to my surprise I was not the only one not to waste the morning. When I reached the venue, there were many other recruits there and it just built up our team spirit training in the rain. Recently there was this time when I asked my husband to help me lift up some heavy furniture. Instead he asked me to put on my red Warrior T-shirt because he said that in it, he could see all my strength come out and I did not need his help. I have also influenced my 11 year-old son to train with Junior Bootcamp. In fact, after joining the Spartan Race last year, he enjoyed it so much and requested to sign up again for it this year. I always try to share with him all the good advice to stay fit and healthy, not only in terms of diet, but also through routine exercise. Of course, I also lead by example by joining Warrior sessions!

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