Raise Your Game

RAISE YOUR GAME by Lady Emma Lyon-Wilson BA, BSc (Phys)

Raise your game-increase your strength, fitness and endurance by teaching your muscles to switch speed with ease. Try these simple workouts once a week and you will notice the difference.

1. Speed Endurance

Running short distances at a fast pace with a short recovery gets your body used to working hard and builds on your endurance.

3x200m sprints with 30 second recoveries.

Rest for 5 minutes and then repeat. Aim for 3 sets.

2. Explosive power

Otherwise known as plyometric. The muscles you need to sprint, jump and kick are different from the ones you use for running at a steady pace. These are the muscles that help you to change pace and direction quickly.

Jump explosively on to knee high box, your heels coming up to your bottom. Land on the box on the balls of your feet.

Jump off backwards, powering into the air and landing with straight legs and soft knees.

Do 3×15 with 2 minute recovery in between. 

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