I joined Warrior bootcamp in March 2015 (OMG, last month was my 2nd Anniversary!!). Prior to that, I was mostly cycling and swimming, and considered myself ‘ok’ fitness-wise. I had been trying to get my wife to get into some form of exercise for a long time but couldn’t. I know in order for the exercise to last, I couldn’t force her. So I kept showing her pictures of Jo An in bootcamp every now and then to stir her interest. Then in March, she suggested that we go and try out bootcamp together. And so we went. My initial thoughts on Warrior bootcamp was that it probably wasn’t as bad as other bootcamps (being hard and military-like) as Jo An kind of briefed me on how Warrior trains. What made me kept going back initially was that I found out I wasn’t as fit as I thought I was :D. I was literally trying to catch my breath during my first few weeks at bootcamp. And here I thought all the cycling and swimming would have helped. So what turns out to be a short stint to accompany my wife became a mission for me to improve my own fitness. But gradually, it was also the atmosphere and, most importantly, the friendships we formed with fellow Warriors and the coaches in the bootcamp community that kept me going. I couldn’t even run 800m without stopping when I first joined bootcamp. I got great advise from almost all the coaches on how I should train to increase the distance. It helped a lot and now I have completed 4 Spartan races, a 26km trail run, and a few shorter distance runs. I have even improved on my cycling and swimming times. On average I attend bootcamp 3-4 times a week. I dedicate the other days to cycling, swimming, and rest. My experience with bootcamp has always been good. As the coaches allow all participants to perform at their own level, I am still trying to catch my breath even after 2 years as we are always being asked to push to our limits. And with the help of the coaches and fellow Warriors, there’s no shortage of encouragement. Keep up what you are doing Warrior! 🙂