I joined Warrior back in May 2016. I wasn’t really interested in joining until Alame convinced me to do the Spartan Beast that October. I knew that running wasnt exactly my strength and the only way I’d hold myself responsible to do it was in a group or friends pushing me to do it. I had seen the Warrior T-shirts on some of the parents since my kids started going to SCIPS, and i asked some questions about it but i never really got the feeling it was something i would enjoy until Kerry Fonseca told me about RAW. My first few sessions i absolutely hated! I don’t like to run long distances as it is but then add bear crawls and burpees?! RAW was a blast but the M/W/F classes were killing me! I honestly wasn’t sure if i was going to continue after Spartan was over. I had injured my shoulder lifting and had developed achilles tendonitis about 2 months out from Spartan. Even though i had lost over 13 kgs since movie ng to Penang in July 2015, i was hitting a low point physically. After Spartan, i was going back to lifting weights and thats it. But now, I try to attend the M/W/F 08:30 AM sessions every week and RAW on the weekends. (I haven’t tried Beach mostly because i sweat a ton and being covered in sand is definitely not one of my favorite things.) On my off days I’m usually at the gym doing strength training or functional training. I’ve become slightly obsessed! My bootcamp experience has been in one word: transformational. Both physically and mentally. I used to care about lifting heavy weights and being the strongest guy in the room. Now, I’m more concerned with being the most fit big guy you’ll find. Warrior Bootcamp has taught me that while big and strong has its advantages, being physically fit and athletic is more important. I’ve played American Football at the collegiate level and been involved with martial arts for over 10 years and Warrior Bootcamp has been just as physically and mentally challenging as any of that! 

People have been complimenting me on how much weight I’ve lost the last couple months and they’re shocked that I’m still about the same. The type of weight is what’s changed as well as my attitude toward fitness. What made me keep coming back? Honest answer: I’m crazy! LOL. After Spartan, a switch got turned on that i felt was off for quite a few years. All of a sudden i had found my “why”. As in, there comes a point where you have to dig deep and ask yourself basically, what am i doing this for or why do i do this to myself day in and day out. I won’t elaborate on that because in my opinion, everybody’s “why” should be held close to the chest. To me its intimate. Suddenly I felt like every session I’d push myself just a bit more. Something inside me always wants to see how close to the edge I can get. I think that’s what makes everyone that does this week in and week out a true Warrior!

We all have a desire to be better than what we are. If everyone could do what we do, the weekly sessions would be a whole lot bigger in terms of attendance. Everybody out there during bootcamp has varying levels of athletic ability and everyone respects that. Sure, I can flip the giant tire 20 times and sprint faster, but there’re other Warriors that can run 20kms + obstacles in 3 hrs!! Nobody is made to feel that they’re inferior or superior because the coaches constantly change up the workouts to show this. It’s truly a superb, inclusive environment. Just for fun i’ve looked in other countries to see whats offered in terms of Bootcamps. While there are offerings here and there, I feel that this experience is unique. Conor and the coaches are clearly working on expanding the Warrior experience and I have yet to hear anything negative about the organization or the people involved. With the amount of foreigners coming to and leaving Penang, I hope that in the future, Warrior Bootcamp can be bigger than just Malaysia. If thats not in the cards, then I think in 5 years, Warrior will have more members than it knows what to do with! I know Conor and the coaches may go a little crazy but everything thats being done is progressing toward bigger and better. I’m just happy, regardless of how long I’ll be here, to have been a part of something this special:)