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I first joined Warrior back in October 2017 as a Company weekly team building training coached by Chin Lee, I wanted to get back into shape after injuring my back a few years prior and was unable to work out regularly without lower back pain so I hesitantly joined the companies weekly session and really enjoyed it. When the companies team building ended in December I decided to sign up for the morning classes once a week to continue my training with Warrior. I still remember my first proper bootcamp class and how unfit and out of shape I felt, But with the coaches and other members’ encouragement, I kept going for my once a week session and gradually increased from there.

Then in May this year, I decided to really dive into the classes and started to join 3-5 times a week with the goal in mind of losing weight and getting back into shape. From there I signed up for the Urban Jungle challenge and got my first taste of obstacle course racing and loved it and from there with encouragement from the other warriors I nervously signed up for my first spartan race.

With the fantastic training and advice that Warrior and its coaches have offered me, I’ve not only lost 7kgs to date, but I feel so much stronger and fitter physically and mentally and no longer suffer from lower back pain I used to have.

I absolutely love attending Warriors training sessions not only are they super challenging and focus on all aspects of fitness, but they are great fun as well. Everyone is really friendly, welcoming and encouraging and I have made some amazing new friends.

I will be doing my 3rd and 4th spartan race this year. With Warrior, I will hopefully be able to not only conquer my first trifecta but also hopefully qualify for Spartan World Championships.

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