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Lately I have noticed that it is more and more people coming to the sessions. Just a year or two there were just a few regulars coming for the extra runs but these days there are big crowds turning up every now and then. Especially Tuesdays and the RAW during weekend are getting really popular. Good to see new faces.

For me Warrior Fitness has been good from the beginning but the longer you hang in there, the more you realise that there are a lot of planning that goes into all the different sessions and it never gets boring. More and more focus on Spartan races have its pros and cons but I also like the specialised training programs and talks that pops up a little now and then.

I train to keep myself in good shape and to hopefully make sure I can stay active for many more years to come but It is always fun to have a goal. Having done a few Spartan races, trail runs and olympic distance triathlons the last few years, this year I have a few new challenges ahead of me since it gives me little extra motivation and its a great way to spend your vacation with the family and keep everyone active.

A half Ironman on Langkawi in November just to see if I can handle that distance and then Singapore Marathon in December (I do one every 11th year…). Then I have been quite hooked on trail runs so there is a 40km+ coming up in Cambodia in January. Most of the events I try to do with the rest of the family!

I just hope Warrior Fitness will continue to do what they are doing today. Continuously renewing itself but keeping the basics constant. Find even more specialised talks and trainings. But first and foremost, continue with good training with good people and coaches. Continue to build a good community. Really cool if it could spread to more countries and places.

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