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I joined Warrior in August 2018, still remember that I sort of got conned by Shen, Loretta, and Melissa to the free week session. I almost blacked out after 20 minutes the workout started, ended up sitting at the side watching them finish the session. It was then I realized how bad my stamina was. I can’t even finish a 400-meter run and the warm-up session already killed me. Took me 2 days to recover from all the aching. Going back to the second session 2 days later, I told myself that I need to finish the whole session by hook or by crook, well I failed again but there was some improvement which I managed to survive 35 minutes this time.

I realized I needed to do something as I was about 108KG when I first started, decided to spoke to the coach and get some advice on how to improve this situation. I still remember Coach Cheng and Roger told me this, “The first step is just to attend the session regularly and consistently”.

I started with 3 days a week till now 6 days a week and now I manage to survive all the sessions, at least still breathing.

What makes me come back to the session is the whole support system and community from the coaches who never fail to encourage, coach and constantly remind us what we did wrong and what to do to improve our performance. The holistic session planning from the coaches from agility, running to strength and movement makes the sessions interesting and not boring.

I think the most wonderful part about this Warrior Fitness is the community, you will meet a lot of new friends that never fail to back you up, encourage you and push you. Few times through the sessions I almost wanted to give up and stop but they came beside me and drag me to run along with them, that really meant a lot to me who’s struggling to keep up with the rest. We workout together, race together, have fun together and not to forget we also makan together and the best part of all this is they NEVER LEAVE YOU behind alone! A big shout out to all the warriors especially those from the 6:30 pm, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

Today I’m down to 95 kg, pants are looser and shirts bigger. This year I completed a 10 km cross-state half marathon, hiked up to No. 5 and came down within an hour, hiked up to Penang Hill, completed a spartan SPRINT race. All these are things I dreamt to do before I joined Warrior Fitness, and they were part of my bucket list that once I told my girlfriend that I wanted to do but are not able to do.

This year I’m planning to complete 2 more 10km runs in June and July, Spartan SUPER Race in Lost World of Tambun, maybe a Trifecta or PBIM half marathon.

Not to forget a big thank to the OT (Operation Transformation) coaches, especially Coach Roger and Conor who mentored me throughout the OT program; teaching me how to prep the food and balance nutrients for my body. I lost about 6-7 kg in this program including 10% body fats, my performance improved tremendously after 1 month into the program.

Once was a dream that now has becomes a reality, nothing is impossible but you have to be dedicated and disciplined in order to make it happen. Rule of thumb is to TURN UP TO THE SESSION! Never complain, leave all the “I can’t” behind, put your thoughts into action and just do it!

Commit, Focus, Believe, Achieve!

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