Kelly celebrates her 59th this year with great gusto!
Since her first Warrior session in 2017, her confidence and fitness endurance has since improved over the years. The homemaker grandma has earned amazement, surpassing the expectation of her family members who had introduced her to the group. She never complains about the exercises being too challenging but keeps working out within her abilities.
Warrior Fitness has opened up an adventurous journey for Kelly to keep active, mobile and feeling great. She enjoys being part of the Warrior family, meeting other like-minded enthusiasts and working out together. There is a camaraderie here that keeps her motivated and active. She now values the importance of exercising and keeping our muscles working into our advancing years. Warrior is not about making you look good but keeping you fit for your daily lives.
Kelly has completed four Spartan races and even won a gold medal in her age group category. Regular exercise has not only brought her good health, but it also improves her mood and sleep. “Keep moving and never give up” are what bring her forward and stay committed.

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