At 42 years young, Gurdip Singh has been active in fitness since childhood; participated in primary school athletics and football in his secondary years. He took up martial arts at the age of 21 and trained for Penang’s closed tournament of the World Taekwondo Federation. But such physical activity is not without its woes of injuries. His reoccurring issue with the knee required ACL surgery in 2011 and having to rest for a full year. Weight gain came post-surgery but Gurdip took up swimming instead to remain active. He became a certified lifeguard, recognised locally and internationally, and also a swimming instructor.

In 2019, he signed up for Warrior sessions but developed pneumothorax trauma even before he began training. A week-long hospital stay, followed by lung therapy kept him away for another month or so before making a full recovery.

During the pandemic-plagued period, Gurdip took up the Precision Nutrition (PN) ProCoach program for a year. With the Warrior’s PN-certified coach, he learned about nutrition and food management. He lost 20kg but gained immense knowledge that will benefit him for a lifetime. The discipline that comes with it also helps him mentally which enables him to visualize success, exercise creativity to solve work-related issues and most importantly, be grateful and have a ‘never give up’ attitude.

Gurdip has been in the insurance loss adjusting trade for the past 20 years and along the way, he started his own company. As with running one’s own business, he does not let challenges or injuries deter him from improving his career and physical wellness. Besides Warrior, he actively cycles with friends and plays tennis at a club. His fitness goal is to participate in at least a Spartan Race, Ironmen or triathlon and has made preparations by running, cycling and swimming regularly.

Gurdip says his life has been better since he joined Warrior Fitness. He has set a goal to stay consistent in his training and to achieve his ideal weight. Who knows? With inspiration like that, becoming a certified Warrior coach could be next on the cards.

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