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For the first hike of 2023, GoRuck Warrior Fitness takes you to Muka Head. The 10 km hike, there and back, will be moderately challenging. It could take at least 3 hours for the round trip and is ideal for only those who, at the very least, exercise or walk regularly. For those who prefer the extra challenge may wear a weighted vest or carry some weights.

Children are not encouraged but teens and young adults are most welcome to join the group. Bring lots of water and some snacks to eat along the way.

We’ll be having regular Warrior hikes throughout the year with different difficulty levels, so watch this space for more upcoming hikes.
Unleash the inner WARRIOR in you and see you there!

The GoRuck hike is FREE but Penang National Park has recently imposed an entrance fee. See below or HERE for the rates. Kindly bring along sufficient funds, your IC or some form of identification as it may be required at the entrance of the park.

Register here
Non-Warriors : EVENTBRITE or HOWEI
Warriors : Use the Warrior MY app under Upcoming Sessions

Go Ruck Warrior Fitness is an official club with GORUCK. Learn more about them HERE.


Oct 30 – Penang Hill
Sept 11 – Air Itam to Balik Pulau
April 12 – Hillside to Pearl Hill
March 15 – Hillside to Pearl Hill
Feb 27 – Zi Zai Hill
Jan 4 – Hillside to Pearl Hill

Dec 12 – Zi Zai Hill
Nov 23 – Hillside to Pearl Hill
Nov 11 – Hillside to Pearl Hill
Oct 30 – Warrior Base Camp to Pearl Hill
May 23 – Zi Zai Hill to Penang Hill and back (canceled due to MCO)
May 14 – Penang Botanic Gardens to Station 46 and back (canceled due to MCO)
Mar 28 – Warrior Base Camp to Pearl Hill
Mar 14 – Warrior Base Camp to Pearl Hill


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