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We all know Balik Pulau well but how about taking a scenic hike there and back* instead?

Camaraderie (and safety) in numbers. Recommended for experienced hikers only. Weights are optional but a rucksack is not.

Come prepared with drinking water and power bars (if needed) as this is a long hike. Be properly dressed for comfort and an extra change of clothes for after (optional). Sun hat and sunglasses are recommended but most importantly, your phone/camera to take awesome photos.

Unleash the inner WARRIOR in you and see you there!

* Hikers have the option of taking the RapidPenang or e-hailing rides back to Air Itam from Balik Pulau.

Register here
Non-Warriors : EVENTBRITE or HOWEI
Warriors : Use the Warrior MY app under Upcoming Sessions

Go Ruck Warrior Fitness is an official club with GORUCK. Learn more about them HERE.


April 12 – Hillside to Pearl Hill
March 15 – Hillside to Pearl Hill
Feb 27 – Zi Zai Hill
Jan 4 – Hillside to Pearl Hill

Dec 12 – Zi Zai Hill
Nov 23 – Hillside to Pearl Hill
Nov 11 – Hillside to Pearl Hill
Oct 30 – Warrior Base Camp to Pearl Hill
May 23 – Zi Zai Hill to Penang Hill and back (canceled due to MCO)
May 14 – Penang Botanic Gardens to Station 46 and back (canceled due to MCO)
Mar 28 – Warrior Base Camp to Pearl Hill
Mar 14 – Warrior Base Camp to Pearl Hill


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