Goal Setting


  • Please set realistic and doable Goal: “Take baby steps, start small“. If you fail get back up and start again. No one’s perfect, we all struggle, positive habits take two or three months to form. Example of some goals:
    • Sleep Better: “Get more sleep as it will help me lose weight and perform better”.
    • Eat Better: “Reduce my sugar intake by drinking water with each meal.
    • Move: “Do physical training 3 times a week and stand up from the desk every half hour.
  • Be Realistic: You may never regain the body type you had at twenty two, so be realistic with your expectations.
  • Measure your progress: Take a photo before or after a period of training to compare how you look, or weigh yourself each morning after getting out of bed/notice that you can now fit into those jeans. When you have achieved progress give yourself a well-deserved clap on the back. Then keep going and don’t give up as fitness is a lifetime commitment.
  • Achieving your goals takes time: Research has shown that it takes approximately 66 days to form a new habit.
  • Practise Patience: Patience helps us not to push, especially when we don’t see immediate results. Shredding fat or getting fit is about small, not drastic changes in your lifestyle. For example an easy start would be to stop taking soft drinks with meals and substituting it with water. This is a simple way to reduce calorie. Remember make small changes not huge changes.
  • Memorize the Warrior Mantra
    • Commit
    • Focus
    • Believe
    • Achieve








 “Determination is the key to success. Determination won’t let anything get in the way. When things get rough, tough or even boring, determination is persistent and keeps you moving forward until you get there”


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