Ever youthful Bernard, took to exercising regularly from a young age as if his life depended on it, which it did. Diagnosed with tropical intestinal parasites at 15 had left him weak and rachitic, hence the doctor’s order was to start exercising! Having accepted that ‘prescription’, Bernard took a keen interest in sports; underwater, on terra firma and even of the aerial variety. Sports he participated in include handball at an international level and many martial arts disciplines. He had also served as a navy commando while in the army as a testament to his athletic ability.

Born in North Africa, Bernard had since travelled extensively and lived in France, Tahiti, and South America before currently settling in Penang in 2007. Now, the retired Marine Biologist still works out with gym work, yoga, stretching and even some tougher Warrior fitness sessions to keep him in good health. Maintaining mobility and muscle mass for as long as possible are his fitness goals.

Bernard loves the Warriors sessions for their quality of training, professional coaches and the familial spirit within the group. The values which Warrior instils much reflect his philosophy like Discipline, Resilience, Self-Control, Confidence, Team Spirit and Sharing.

Some wise sayings from Bernard …
“Always set a personal goal and aim to reach it to perfection.”
“The Goal and perfection with yourself…”
“Age is just a number!”
“Live and appreciate every day as if it is your last!”

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