Before becoming a Warrior coach, Wendy’s initial purpose for joining was to bring herself Spartan-ready but many races were cancelled in the 2020/21 season. During that period, she continued to train with other Warriors and then answered the call to become a coach as the next step to further her fitness journey. This reciprocal activity of helping others find new levels of fitness through exercise in turn gives her joy and happiness.

With a taste for adventures, Wendy explored sky and underwater diving and recently climbed Mount Kinabalu which became a trip for the whole family. Incorporating a similar tone, her Warrior sessions are always different, and fun with the inclusion of games that also provide a good warm-up before the actual session of cross-training workouts for better all-around fitness.

Wendy’s shared interest in competitive events also spread to family members with them participating in triathlons, swimming and other long-distance cycling events. And her journey thus far led to a podium win in her first Spartan outing in Kuching, Sarawak.


  • Warrior Fitness Coach – Level 1
  • FEA Certified Fitness Practitioner (L1) – Group instructor
  • FEA Certified Fitness Practitioner (L2)- Personal Trainer
  • FITM HIIT Instructor
  • Rehab Essential Trainer
  • Science of Exercise ( University of Colorado)
  • FITM & Warrior certified CPR and AED

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