In 2013, Mimi was just a regular member and working out at many Warrior sessions. “I had always enjoyed the friendly group dynamics that are always in all their sessions, not to mention getting a good workout too”, which kept her coming back.

Then in 2016, the Spartan Races were drawing more crowds in Malaysia and Mimi, like many other Warriors, had signed up for the race. This gave her a goal to focus on which needed the discipline to train to become stronger and fitter as to be prepared not only physically but emotionally for the races. After competing with several Spartan races, Mimi participated in other competitive races since then which included completing the Ultimate Trails of the South (UTOS) in January 2020. Unfortunately, opportunities to compete in more races had come to a halt with the cancellation of races for 2020/21.


  • Warrior Fitness Coach – Level 1
  • NASM Certified Group Personal Training Specialist.
  • UESCA Certified Running Coach

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