The weather has been pretty unpredictable as of late, alternating between really hot, sometimes unbearable sunny days and heavy downpour out of the sudden. We don’t deny it’s a challenge when it comes to training outdoors in extreme weathers; especially in rainy conditions where we noticed a shortage of people out training in parks during these times. We actually had the park to ourselves 🙂

Not many people are intrigued with the idea of getting wet in the first place when they can choose to stay dry, but for those who don’t mind the rain factor, they actually find it refreshing and less tiring as compared to training with heat and humidity. It actually offers some sort of ….relief.

We at Warrior Bootcamp are skeptics when it comes to the myth that rain can make one sick, for we have conducted quite a number of training sessions in the rain with a high percentage of recruits NOT falling sick after training. However, we do advise that you keep a change of dry clothing in the car to change into after your training to decrease the risk.

If you’ve never considered exercising in the rain, it’s time to give it a try. For those who are more health conscious and like to be wary, you might want to consider the few tips below:

1) Check the weather map. A little drizzle is much easier to run in than a full on downpour. Be patient and wait for a bad storm to pass before heading outside. However, if the weather condition is too risky to train, we will update the class cancellation on our Facebook page so make sure you join up with us to get the latest information.

2) Just because it’s raining, doesn’t mean you need to get wet. Wear a water and windproof lightweight raincoat made of breathable material that will keep you dry on the outside and cool on the inside.

3) Get a pair of shorts or pants made of waterproof material that will repel droplets from the sky and splashes from puddles.

4) Invest in some waterproof footwear to keep you dry, and wear wicking socks with them. Wet feet are more prone to blisters, though it rarely happens in the 1 hour training session unless we’re out for LSD runs 🙂

5) Wear a hat to prevent water from dripping all over your face (a basic baseball hat will do), and/or wear sunglasses to prevent water droplets from spraying in your eyes.

6) Make sure your clothes are brightly colored so cars can see you. The red warrior t shirt comes with reflectors attached on the front and back for safety purposes.

7) If you like to listen to music while exercising, make sure your iPod or other device is in a waterproof case.

8) As soon as you hear thunder or see lightening, head inside immediately. Getting struck by lightening may be rare, but it does happen. If it’s too dangerous to be out, we advise you to do something in the house, some of the exercises we gave can be performed indoors but of course there’s nothing like having an instructor shouting and motivating you while having fun pushing the limits and braving the elements with the rest of the warriors.

As the saying goes, if you wait for the right weather, you’ll never get anything done.

Rain or shine, see you at training 🙂

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