Too often we all fail to achieve our goals because we suffer from the NATO syndrome . NO ACTION TALK ONLY. 

To get fit and healthy you must first commit I mean commit sincerely and wholeheartedly. Not just talk as talking is easy and does not take much conscious effort. The health benefits of working only the jaw muscle  and maybe a few arms swings to illustrate the conversation are minimal. The only way to get fit  and healthy is DO.Yes it’s not easy if it were everyone would be doing it . However the reality is once you make the choice to commit you will feel so much better for it both physically and mentally.

A healthy lifestyle must become your good habit. You must focus on  the plan of action the how you are going to achieve those goal . This plan must  be realistic  with a clear timeline to achieve it. Simple goals could be get into those jeans , run a 10k , look great for the wedding,  whatever it is you can do it.

The third part is believe you will achieve. See yourself as succeeding , yes there will be bumps along the way but that’s part of the course, if you fall get back up and start gain. Also enlist the support of you family and friends with time and encouragement. And finally if you put it all together and lose the NATO you will achieve. 

We see this all the time at our training sessions. We  have new recruits join our classes and say I could never do a 21km run. We say please commit and focus and we will help you believe  and achieve.Then over time they see themselves getting fitter and their friends start telling them they look great. They go from being unhealthy to being athletic , become more resilient , start talking about personal bests , enter more events and feel positive about the way they look and feel.So what stopping you lets get committed today.

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