Focused training: In 1 hour of WBC you will burn more calories & fat than with other training programs

Fun and friendly atmosphere: All are welcome- games – make new friends

Variety: No two classes are the same- non-traditional equipment- games – different locations

Positive “can do” training environment:  Be more inspired to achieve your goals
Fun functional exercises:  train your  body to handle real life situations
Personalized advice: One onOne attention- we really care you see results !!
All over body workout: Develop core strength – build general fitness – improve athletic performance


  Improve injury prevention: better prepare your body for specific sport –  safety first

Reduce Stress : Green training locations proven to be better for wellness  and stress

Motivation: Money off for training harder- Rewards for performance & effort
Fair price:For expert training & advise

Measurable : Fitness Testing & challenges evaluate your progress

 An Environmentally Friendly Fitness Activity

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