What is mental toughness ? Is it like what’s portrayed by tough guys in films or top athletes in sports or maybe it  is an attitude , a way we live our lives.

Here is my list of what mental toughness may be.
  • Being committed and doing what you say you will do. Walk the talk !!
  • Keeping focused on the challenge when other things are looking for attention.
  • Repeatedly doing the little things that make the big things happen.
  • Having the mental resolve , patience & belief to keep going, to not give up because it appears too hard or is not happening fast enough.
  • Not letting excuses or the environment get in your way.
  • Finding time in your hectic schedule to do things like physical training or studying.  
  • To have the self belief to make a hard decision. 
  • Having a quiet self confidence to back yourself when things may not go your way. 
  • The ability to keep going when your body wants to quit. 
  • The ability to survive in a challenging or hostile environment.
  • Remaining calm when you are surrounded with chaos. 
  • Acknowledging that you have made a mistake or failed , not blaming others.
  • Having the strength of character to stand up and do what you think is right not just following the crowd.
  • Standing by your friends and team mates when the chips are down.
  • Helping the less fortunate when the easy thing to do is look after yourself.  

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