1. Physical therapy improves mobility and motion

When it comes to quality of life, motion is essential, and while we usually take mobility for granted, we must realize that without it, everyday tasks would be extremely difficult. Imagine emptying a dishwasher with a stiff lower back, or bending to pick up a toy when your knee is in great pain. That’s where physical therapy comes in- with the aid of highly trained specialists you can learn how to perform certain ranges of motions that improve your mobility. The exercises themselves are not too demanding (so they don’t discourage those who are sedentary), and they  can be learned so as to be performed at home.

2. Physical therapy helps manage pain without abusing medication

Although medicine has its purpose in the healing process, especially when the pain of your injury is hindering your lifestyle, it isn’t something we should abuse. In order to make sure that you are not using too many pain killers you can help your body find natural ways of diminishing the discomfort through physical therapy.  If you have ever had a really good massage done to you after a workout, for instance, when all your soreness and stiffness of the muscles went away, you will know what I mean. Apart from this, many injuries that involve stiffness are painful, so when physical therapy helps improve your flexibility, they also diminish the painful symptoms.

Injuries involving muscles, ligaments or joints (which are very common with those who work out constantly or who practice some sort of sport) can cause parts of the body to become stiff, and without proper exercises like those in physical therapy it can take a very long time to heal and regain flexibility in the afflicted area.

3. Physical therapy provides a conservative option to surgery

Realistically speaking, nobody looks forward to surgery, and physical therapy is a very accessible option. Of course, surgery is absolutely necessary sometimes, but for those times when it is not mandatory, you can go to a specialized physical therapist who will guide you through healing exercises. Even if surgery is necessary, physical therapy can be used both before and after to improve recovery time.

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