The Spartans were the fittest and most effective Warriors in ancient Greece, in short the Special Forces of their day.The secret to their abilities in battle was down to mental strength, physical fitness, combat skills, high performance teamwork, discipline, self belief and a never say die attitude.

They did not have multi-gyms, air-conditioning or the variety of options in diet we modern city dwellers have today. However a Spartan would outperform the majority of modern humans in any physical or endurance challenge.

I pose the question then why have we shifted to softer and more comfortable maybe image driven forms of training, when the older more functional ways may be the best. The ancient Warriors trained outdoors, they used  rocks, tree trunks, water containers  & body weight exercises  for strength , they also ran, sprinted, carried heavy loads over distance. Training was also done in groups to motivate, build discipline, set collective standards of physical performance and real teamwork. Their diet was balanced, fibre packed and absent of modern processed foods.

So as we better off today today with the range of training options, gadgets, gizmos apps and get fast weight loss and fitness solutions. Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate how we currently train in order achieve a higher more functional level of physical and mental fitness.

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