To be encouraged means literally to acquire courage, while to be discouraged is to give in to fear. Soldiers need courage to charge into battle, and without it, they won’t. We all conceals a level of fear and anxiety inside ourselves, however in order to meet life’s challenges and crises, we all have to discover how much courage we have.To face your fears isn’t a pleasant experience yet in the long run, many accomplishments in life come our way only if we overcome fear and acquire courage.

The band of brother’s mentality (teamwork) that develops among soldiers embraces the challenge of fear. Most non soldiers don’t realize how important it is for soldiers to develop this camaraderie. The soldier’s commitment to each other is real and it helps:   
Develop a stronger sense of self esteem
  • People feel included and accepted.
  • The group moves forward for the benefit of everyone.
  • Fear of failure is reduced.
  • Belief increases
  • People feel that they are not alone in facing a crisis.
  • A stronger sense of self diminishes anxiety and fear
  • Resilience in the face of challenges is able to grow.
  • Productivity is increased.

As the world become more individualistic we must stop and see camaraderie as something that makes us better human beings. Look at your own life, how do you raise your children, how do you treat other adults, and begin to build co-operation and encourage real teamwork not just the appearance of teamwork

Some suggestion: 
  • Start by solving challenge for everyone, not just you.
  • Bond with others by paying personal attention to them.
  • Start thinking inclusively rather than individually
  • Improve the environment for everyone, not for the strategic few 
  • Afford dignity to everyone
  • Think in terms of a “We” rather than “I”

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