The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom

Key #1: Right Thinking

Lay aside self-defeating, invalid mind-sets that do not work. They have the power to keep you from making different choices or developing new behaviours. Too often, we let these negative notions go unchallenged, and we act as though they were true. You must monitor what you’re thinking and challenge whether it is true. If it’s not working, replace it with thinking that works.

Key #2: Healing Feelings

Overcome emotional overeating by managing inappropriate reactions to stress; solving problems rather than dwelling on them; changing self-defeating thoughts, since more often than not, feelings follow thoughts; gaining closure on unfinished emotional business; and learning new ways to cope without resorting to food.

  • Are You an Emotional Eater?

Key #3: A No-Fail Environment

Design your world so that you can’t help but succeed. This involves removing temptations to eat and rearranging your schedule in order to avoid or minimize triggers to overeat. Hang around with winning people.

  • Take a Personal Environment Audit

Key #4: Mastery Over Food And Impulse Eating

There’s only one reason why you haven’t changed the bad stuff in your life. You’re getting something out of it. We are not saying that you’re getting something healthy or positive, but people do not continue in situations, attitudes or actions that do not give them a payoff. This key helps you identify those payoffs, unplug from them, and replace bad habits with healthy behaviour.

Key #5: Good Nutrition

To lose weight, you must choose foods that support good behavioural control over your eating. Food that fill you up and make you feel satiated (feel satisfied and full and not play with you blood sugar and moods). Please refer to “ Super food guide, Example of Meal Plan & How to count calories”.

Key #6: Intentional Exercise

Prioritize regular exercise into your life most days of the week. Exercise does more than simply burn calories; it changes your self-perception so you stop labelling yourself as a couch potato.

Key #7: Your Circle Of Support

Surround yourself with supportive, like-minded people who want you to lose weight and succeed at your health and fitness efforts.

My Friends Or Family (whichever best applies):

1. Compliment me on healthy eating. True/False

2. Refuse to eat in a healthy manner. True/False

3. Notice when my behavior changes in significantly positive ways. True/False

4. Insist on taking me to fast-food restaurants and buffets. True/False

5. Compliment me on my appearance. True/False

6. Push foods that are a problem for me. True/False

7. Help me purchase and prepare healthy meals. True/False

8. Protest changes in the family diet. True/False

9. Help me overcome temptations to eat. True/False

10. Make fun of my efforts to lose weight. True/False

11. Offer to exercise with me. True/False

12. Complain about the time I spend exercising. True/False

13. Give me encouragement to exercise and stick with it. True/False

14. Buy and bring home low-response cost foods that are not good for me. True/False

15. Rearrange their schedules to exercise with me. True/False

16. Don’t want me to exercise, or don’t support my efforts. True/False

17. Talk to me about exercise in a positive manner. True/False

18. Schedule activities that interfere with my exercise time. True/False

19. Provide helpful information about nutrition, exercise, and health. True/False

20. Eat fattening foods in front of me. True/False

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