We received a heart warming testimonial from Sally before she left Penang and she encourages us to share it with everyone. Thank you Sally, WBC is proud to have made an impact in your life, we wish you all the best and keep up the fitness routine 🙂


I would like to thank Warrior Bootcamp and all of its coaches for encouraging me over the past two years and helping me meet my fitness goals. I am definitely “fitter, faster, tougher, stronger” than when I started, and I plan to continue pursuing a healthy lifestyle back in Texas!

Warrior Bootcamp can proudly boast many satisfied customers, largely due to the wonderful coaches that lead the sessions. Each coach is very fit themselves, shows up prepared and on time, and is a skilled motivator, encouraging participants to work hard and never give up. (I always run a little faster when I pass one of them!) All have had training in injury prevention and CPR, and some specialize in sports medicine and nutrition. Safety is top priority: participants are encouraged to use proper form when doing exercises, and rest/recovery periods are built in to each workout. Coaches also regularly share advice on topics related to overall health, such as sleep, proper diet, and mental resilience. Additionally, they offer regular fitness assessments to record each individual’s progress. It’s fun to challenge myself to do a little better each time!

Being a Warrior, I’ve accomplished things I never thought I’d do. I ran my first 10km (and a 12km a month later!), fought hard and had fun in the Warrior Games, participated in the Round Island relay, carried 5kg in a rucksack up Pearl Hill, and even achieved Warrior of the Month! My fitness has drastically improved over the past two years; I’ve lost 4-5 kg, significantly reduced my body fat %, and am as fit as I’ve ever been as an adult. I sleep well at night, feel energetic and healthy, am more mentally tough and resilient, and am motivated to continue a lifestyle of proper diet, sleep, and exercise.

Of course, I’ve had a lot of fun as well! I’ve met people from all over the world, and there’s nothing that unites like sweating along with someone else in the hot sun! Whatever fitness level, members encourage others in their progress and receive encouragement to keep going and never give up. We enjoy a variety of games, are playfully competitive, work as a team to win relays, and sometimes get dirty. One of my favorite sessions involved rolling through the mud in the rain!

Warrior Bootcamp Penang is united as a team by the spirit of fitness and fun, and the color red. I am always proud to stretch out my hand at the end of each session, declaring and believing I really am a “Warrior!”

– Sally Dewhirst

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