I joined WBC in October 2014 on the recommendation of a fellow Warrior. I’d moved to Penang from Dubai earlier that year and was unable to find any fitness classes that were both fun and challenging. After my first session at Straits Green I was hooked! It was the combination of a fabulous outdoor setting, a roster of different coaches who each have different styles so we never know exactly what we are going to be faced with each morning, plus a fun group of people of all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels who share an amazing Warrior spirit and never leave anyone behind. I’ve never been a morning person but I have no problem setting the alarm and kick-starting my day (and my metabolism!) with WBC at Straits Green. It not only contributes to my physical fitness but also to my mental wellbeing as I’ve made new friends along the way. I always leave the sessions with a smile on my face having had a good sweat and usually a jolly good laugh. I try to attend three times a week for Agility, Strength and Speed. This year I want to mix it up a bit with attending Beach Bootcamp, RAW and some of the hikes and rucksack challenges, although I suspect the earlier starts are going to be as big a challenge as the activities! 

I’m not very keen on running but last year I ran my first 10k thanks to the encouragement of the WBC team. I was chuffed to bits as I was even placed 2nd in my category. This year I ran the Spartan Sprint in KL as part of the WBC Penang group. Training wasn’t easy as we travel a lot and for long periods, and I couldn’t have completed the race at all if it hadn’t been for the extra WBC Spartan Training camps held prior to the race. They not only taught me technique but also gave me confidence that I could complete the course with minimal risk of injury – an important factor when you’re on the wrong side of 55! WBC has changed a lot since I joined nearly three years ago as it has responded to the needs of its members, and that’s what makes it so easy to keep coming back for more. We now have more choice of classes and packages, more varied equipment, specialized sessions for specific events, more health and wellbeing programmes and social events. There really is something for everyone and I look forward to seeing what they think of next!