I joined WBC about a year ago because I liked the idea of a full-body workout that was challenging and sustainable for me in the outdoors nearby at a time and location convenient to me. I was very surprised to find a large group of people who had the same interest and they were all so fit, committed and most of all very friendly and fun! I loved that the 8.30am group. Most of them were regulars and they were very friendly and sociable. The fact that everyone was motivated inspired me to be like them too! For instance, I used to dislike running because I didn’t have good stamina. In order for me to keep up with the team, this automatically made me train harder. It is still hard to believe that I’m starting to enjoy running a little bit. I now attend 4 to 5 sessions a week including a specialist session and endurance run on a weekend. It has been a big part of my lifestyle now I would say. Even more so now that the Spartan fever is back again and events/races I have had enough courage to sign up for. Things I never thought I would ever do. I would hope for WBC to grow bigger, better and stronger so that more events can be organised. More of our local communities will be able to enjoy fun and healthier lifestyle when there are more sessions held in different areas within the island.