I joined about 6 years ago, a friend dragged me along. I wanted to go cycling up Pearl Hill, and no-one of my cycling buddies showed up that day. So I joined her to try out something new. I really like the versatile training. You never know who is teaching and in all the years no single training was like any other, so it is always a surprise and never gets boring. I usually attend 3 times per week. All in all, I think I really get fitter and fitter over time despite being one of the people who DON’T train for Spartan (their progress is amazing!). At the moment I am suffering an inflammation of the soft tissue in my heel, so I cannot run and jump and this is quite annoying. I think everyone in Warrior Fitness Adventure is doing an amazing job! I only can say go on like this! Since I have started, the quality of the sessions has not dropped. The team should be very proud that with the increase of members are getting even better. I am not participating in races and I hate running. But I want to maintain a certain fitness level to help me do some trekking tours. In the last years I have climbed Mount Kinabalu, Mount Rinjani (Lombok) and just came back from some cave trekking in the Phong Na-Ke Bang National Park in Vietnam.