I joined Warrior for the first time in 2013. Our friend, Daniel, had discovered Warrior bootcamp and he and Martin did evening classes. Then we found out there were morning classes, so I joined too. It was great! I love outdoor training. The sessions are fun because they’re different each time. Then we moved back to Sweden in July 2013 and the second time I joined was in August 2016 when we moved back to Penang again. (And yes, Warrior bootcamp was one of the reasons for returning!) It has been great coming back! I gained strength again and I have made new friends. I aim for 3 sessions a week and usually make it. You train every part of your body- and the crowd is great. I also love the fact that there is Junior Bootcamp (JBC) for my children. I really hope that JBC will grow and that more kids of all ages will join. I think it is really important to start early to set good habits. Even for kids, bootcamp strengthens your whole body and prevents injuries. I also believe that kids need to get outdoors more.