I joined Warrior bootcamp in early 2016. Prior to this, I’ve been running and doing some gym workouts with a group of friends. I had the experience of running both half and full marathon under my belt and wanted to explore something different. It was my friend, Ving who recommended me to join Warrior bootcamp, after she had her try out. She said that I would enjoy it as the workouts are challenging, which is something different from what we have been doing and also it’s done outdoor. I also met coach Aris Tan Cheang Cheng in a serendipitous way while I was travelling to the US for work while he was also travelling to compete in Spartan-Lake Tahoe. After so much encouragement I finally did my first session with WBC and loved it! Each workout session varies to focus on different areas of fitness. This new challenge made me realised that I’ve so much to work to improve my fitness level. I was strongly encouraged by my fellow bootcamp buddies and coaches to participate in the Spartan challenge this year. Something that I never even thought I could complete if you were to ask me last year. As the Warrior motto says “COMMIT FOCUS BELIEVE ACHIEVE”, I took the first step to commit myself into the Spartan Sprint in March’17. I came back to WBC as I believe this is the place that will get me to jump over that fire obstacle at the end of the Spartan race. After Spartan Sprint, I was hooked and wanted to challenge myself more. That is getting ready for Super and eventually Beast. I keep coming back to bootcamp because I believe that training with Warrior Bootcamp will be able to provide me with a challenging yet fun and safe training atmosphere. Overtime, the friendship forged among fellow warriors is priceless and we help to motivate each other in order to achieve our personal fitness goals in every training session. This practice is also reflected in their motto “Warriors Leave No One Behind”. 

The coaches who are very passionate in their training, relentlessly encouraging us to keep going and never give up while prioritizing on safety first makes me want to push myself beyond my limit in the safest way. Today, I have found myself to have improved so much on my fitness level compared to where I was a year back. I try to attend averagely 4 times a week and Run and Raw on Saturday mornings. It has been a new fitness journey for me this year with WBC. The experience has been challenging and fun, sometimes stressful (but in a good way) always find that there are areas to improve on, a tremendous sense of camaraderie with the members in Warrior from every session. Nevertheless, I’ve learned so much from experienced coaches and fellow team mates and especially through Spartan Technical training such as rope climb, bucket carry, spear throw, wall jump, tyrolean traverse. I like that warrior bootcamp organizes events such as obstacle races, hikes, endurance runs on Sat and warrior runs on Sun. However, I wish that in the next 5 years, warrior bootcamp can reach out to instill the lifestyle to the greater community. Hopefully, WBC is able establish a place/ box/indoor place where we can built some Spartan obstacles such as wall, z-wall, rope climb to allow us members the opportunity to train and better prepare for Spartan races. I’m aiming to complete my first trifecta this year. I have only the last leg to go and that is BEAST! I wish to complete it with injury free as I have completed my sprint and super in March and July respectively…..AROOOO!