It was 3 months postpartum to my second baby and I was looking to lose the baby weight so I could fit into something else besides my maternity clothes and Pajamas. I decided to try WBC since some friends (Jo An and Grace) gave shining reviews of it being effective and hardcore. So happened, I got my Aunty hands on the free WEEK trial! WOOHHOO! I thought it was fun and HARD. Mainly fun though since we wouldn’t know who was the coach and every day would be a different challenge. So I could just turn off my brain and get my mummy ass whooped. The members were very friendly and there is this sense of community where we just meet daily and work out together. The coaches were and still is very encouraging without being too scary to a newbie. Met so many inspiring people from all walks that I want to emulate fitness wise, especially the older members. They really made me open my mind to what I can do and should do so I just kept going back to try to be as good and fast as they are! *cough Phaik Hoon cough Silvi*  I now go 3–4 times a week on weekdays and try to attend at least one class on weekend. I LOVE TRX! Bootcamp has pretty much changed my view on many things. Gave me constant fun workout sessions with guidance from experienced members and coaches. Cured my eating/weight derangement and insomnia. The community also gave me back my sense of identity which some lose after being a mother. I was pretty active in sports in secondary school but I have never felt this strong and healthy. Thanks to bootcamp I have healthier and wiser goals in life besides eating grass to look like a pencil!