By Poh Wei Lin

May 13, 2017. And that’s a wrap for OT 5.0. It was the last meeting for the Warriors who took part in the 10-week Operation Transformation 5.0 program. The OT 5.0 Warriors gathered on a Saturday morning with their sunny attitude and delicious homemade healthy dish for a potluck brunch to mark the end of the program. They had their body measurements and before/after-photograph taken, performed fitness tests like step-test and plank hold test. You can feel a sweet sense of accomplishment beamed across everyone’s faces as they knew all the hard work they have put in are finally showing tangible results: a drop in body fat percentage, achieved that ideal body weight, sculptured and toned muscles which are all tiny building blocks that contributed to better athletic performance and improved stamina. 

OT 5.0 was a 10-week program led by Coach Tess and Coach Roger. 14 participants were taught about eating and exericising in the right and smart way that will help them get the best out of their bodies. The weeks were also filled with personal coaching during fitness training sessions, fundamental classes to improve their exercise forms, classes like making smart decisions in shopping for food, cooking healthy and delicious meals. OT Warriors and coaches also met up to share support and encouragement with one another. During these support meetings, OT Warriors also learned a good deal about making those small changes in your daily routine and cultivating those habits will have the biggest impact on sustaining a successful healthy lifestyle.





“Staying fit is not just about exercise, but also being aware and focus on making sensible choices in your diet”


Changing your eating habit is about making sensible choices. For example, while ordering a meal in a restaurant, try to cut back on salad dressing or not always going for that heavy-creamed carbonara pasta as Coach Tess urged. Of course, the coaches will not grab you by your shirt and dictate what you should eat or punish you with 10 reps of burpess if you opt for a chocolate bar instead of an apple for a snack once in a while. This is because one of the approaches in OT program is that you have the autonomy to decide what you eat and the amount of effort you want to commit in achieving your goals to become healthier and fitter. The coaches will support and guide you in the process, but ultimately, the choice lies in your hands. During the program, the OT warriors were also taught about right nutrition for each body type. They reflected that nourishing your fody with quality food in the right portion does make you feel alert and fresh throughout the day and helps you perform better during fitness trainings. As the weeks progressed, their enthusiasm for training sessions also increased and they felt great after working hard and sweating out at each session. The thought of not being able to attend a session turned out to be more agonizing than the training. 

The OT 5.0 was more than losing body fat and inches around your waists. For the OT Warriors, it was also about taking on the commitment to focus on oneself and improving their health and well-being. The shared sentiment and community support they offered each other throughout this transformational journey was nourishing for the soul. They shared their experiences and struggles in making adjustments in their daily routine from cutting out their favourite food (e.g., those yummy cheese and sweet desserts) or drinks (e.g., sweet tea) as well as exhanging wholesome food recipes. And not forgetting the struggles of keeping up with the rigourous trainings at the beginning of the program. The group dynamic that formed organically where they shared unconditional support for one another despite different backgrounds and goals is rather impressive and embraces our Warrior’s philosophy: Work as a team, no one gets left behind

Still to come, OT diary entries from our recent OT 5.0 Warriors will be posted soon describing unique experiences in each of their journey to achieve their health and fitness goals. Also, to learn more about Operation Transformation program, please click or call/Whatsapp (+60) 18 282 7567 





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